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It is with great pleasure that we provide a reference to Mitchell Builders Ltd.

“It is with great pleasure that we provide a reference to Mitchell Builders Ltd.

Keith and John Mitchell were our builders of choice when we built our home 8 years ago. We had observed many of the homes that they had built in the Whangarei district, asked people involved in the building industry and met up with Keith several times before we decided. These guys were the the ones to build our dream home.

Keith was very clear cut and up front about how he would manage the entire project and the role that we would play (which was very inclusive). He also made sure he surrounded himself with sub-contractors that shared the same values of integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Both Keith and John were very hands on and worked on site throughout the entire project,along side their well trained staff for the 9 months that it took to complete our home. It would be fair to say that both Keith and John are perfectionists. All sub-contractor work was overseen to ensure there were no shortcuts taken and if it wasn't up to standard the problem was fixed. We felt that they built our home as if it was their own.

Keith not only trained as a builder, he is a bricklayer and a drainlayer and all of this knowledge has been passed on to John and their staff, so we felt confident that they always took a wholistic approach whenever they made decisions. The lines of communication were always open,sprinkled with good humour, and nothing was ever a problem. If we wanted some small changes made John would always say Nothing is impossible. We can do it!

For us it was a wonderful stress-free experience, and a valued friendship developed, but most importantly we have a beautifully constructed home which we love. Our home has been in the Hospice House Tours, the Whangarei Garden Discovery and has been the venue for two weddings. The glowing comments from all who have visited our home have been overwhelming.

We would highly recommend Keith, John and their team at Mitchell Builders Ltd.”

Ian and Pam Tothill
To Whom it may concern.

“To Whom it may concern.

John Mitchell and his father, Keith, together with the team from Michell Builders Ltd built our beach house in 2006/2007.

Their capacity to forge a fantastic working relationship with us is reflected in the fact that we do not ever recall looking at our contract whether during construction or since.

That carried through into the care and quality of their workmanship on our home.

From a construction perspective our house was extremely technical. Despite its complexities, and notwithstanding our constant inquisition, the team at Mitchell Builders Ltd patiently explained things and, with fastidious attention to detail, crafted a fantastic home.

While always great to receive admiring comments about the quality of our building from friends and visitors, the acid test has been what other builders or construction professionals have had to say. They have complimented the meticulous attention to detail and quality of build.

We are thrilled to have a beautifully constructed home built by Mitchell Builders Ltd."

Tim & Karin